How it works

How It Works

I feel that my combined skills as a vet, a surgeon and a small business owner equip me to combine high-level surgical standards with professional delivery of service.

This new service provides the following key benefits to you, the small practice owner:

  • Improved service to your clients.
  • Retained revenue on procedures that would otherwise be referred.
  • Opportunity for up-skilling in some cases for vets and nurses.

Booking online is simple and fast. 1. Choose the procedure, 2. Select an available timeslot, and upload any radiographs if needed. You take responsibility for taking pre and post operative radiographs if needed, anaesthesia and nursing care before, during and after the procedure, dressings, bandage care and medications. I will arrive on the day and supervise patient and theatre preparation, perform the requested surgery and help monitor the patient post operatively to extubation. I will provide a written report of the surgery and offer any post op advice if needed.